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The Exit Zero Jazz Festival takes place twice a year, spring and autumn, in the national historic landmark city of Cape May, a picturesque beach town on the very southern tip of New Jersey.

The Festival presents international touring artists in concert settings on two main stages- Schmidtchen Theater (cap. 1200) and Cape May Convention Hall (cap. 800). In addition to the concerts, a vibrant club schedule is presented throughout each Fest weekend in the bars and restaurants lining the beachfront and center of town, featuring many genres of music. You might find yourself one minute second-lining to a New Orleans brass band, and, in the next, snaking through town behind a 22-piece Brazilian drum bloco. The joy of the Festival is in the discovery of incredible music and musicians you may never have known existed.

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Interested in a collaboration with Exit Zero Jazz Festival or Spy Boy Productions? We tailor custom Partnership opportunities for our clients! Download the Exit Zero Jazz Festival Partnership Guide here. Or give us a call to discuss. 609-849-9202.

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Exit Zero Jazz Festival accepts unsolicited submissions ONLY between November 15 and December 15 each year. If your band is interested in performing at the Festival, please submit the form below within the time period mentioned above and attach an Electronic Press Kit (EPK). Due to the extremely high volume of submissions, suggestions and requests, we are unable to acknowledge submissions via phone or email. If you submit an EPK, please do not contact the festival asking about the status of the submission. We will make contact if you or your artist/group is chosen. Thanks for your interest.


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