The Story

Listening to Hevee Levee perform, you might imagine yourself somewheres on a deep river, in an old boat, drifting through some mossy woods listening to a dark guitar and a rusty harmonica … Suddenly out of the blaring bell of a baritone saxophone, a spontaneous revival erupts, unabashed and joyous …. you’re doing the tarantella with your lawyer on the courthouse steps!  Jon Thompson (vocals, guitars, sax) has toured nationally and played with the Pittsburgh Symphony, The Machine, Phil Roy ..to name a few. Gordon Vincent (vocals, guitars, harmonica) was recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the top independent artists in the Southeastern United States. Andy Reeves (vocals, drums, percussion) has been a resourceful influence on the south Jersey music scene for the last 10 years.

The Sound

Hevee Levee is about soulful intensity, solid musicianship, and driving rhythms. 

Where & When: Rusty Nail, Sunday, April 14 at 10am and 11:40am

Michael Kline